Exploring Nature in and Around Salt Lake City

The United States consists of 50 states, and each one of them has something special to offer. Whether you are on the hunt for a place where you can enjoy the spectacular beaches, or all you want to do is to go out and immerse in nightlife, there is a destination ideal for you. But, for those who want to discover some picturesque natural landscape, Utah is just what they need! 

The Beehive State is renowned for its unique geological formations, numerous national parks, and otherworldly scenery that will leave you speechless. So, in case you have finally decided to pull the trigger and explore this part of the country, there is much for you to look forward to. Today, we will go through some of the must-visit locations that will leave you in awe as soon as you put your eyes on them. 


Salt Lake City – Place Where Dreams Come True 


The magnificent capital of Utah, Salt Lake City is a haven for all outdoor enthusiasts, but also for those who want to learn more about history, and have a unique urban experience. The city is incredibly charming, and its energy is truly something special, and feeling it live is really a privilege. 

There are so many places worth exploring throughout the city, and for many people, the first step in getting to know Salt Lake City is going to Temple Square, the heart of the city. It is more than just an architectural marvel. It will leave you excited to be here, and to make your entire adventure even more special, we advise listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and really getting a glimpse of why so many travelers come here over and over again. 

After that, you can move on to the Utah State Capitol, and maybe learn some valuable information you haven’t heard before. The building itself is surrounded by lovely manicured grounds, so even walking around will give you a lot of pleasure. 

Before we go any further, we need to advise you that this area can get very busy from time to time, and in order to see everything you want to, and make every moment count, it is advisable to book a ride ahead of time and not worry about navigating unknown streets. This also applies in case you are traveling with a larger group of people, which is surely always more fun. To ensure safe travel for everyone on board, consider taking advantage of luxury van transportation Utah and get ready to stay with your loved ones every step of the way.

Those who love art will enjoy exploring the Leonardo Museum and Natural History Museum of Utah. One of our personal favorites in the city is Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, perfect for those who want to indulge in some much-needed peace and quiet.  


Antelope Island State Park is Majestic


Welcome to its majesty, Antelope Island, the largest and most beautiful island in the Great Salt Lake. It is a natural wonderland, and it is like no other place you have seen before. It combines wildlife, exceptional landscapes, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure perfectly. It spans over 28000 acres, so make sure to leave enough time to discover everything this wonder has to offer. 

While strolling around, get ready to be welcomed by some lovely visitors and passers-by. The island is home to a thriving population of bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelopes. We are sure your kids will especially love coming here, and thanks to Salt Lake City car service with car seats, arriving here in the utmost comfort and safety has never been easier. 

Antelope Island was once home to the Native American Shoshone tribe, so coming here is like going back to the time when they inhabited this area. There are many archeological sites to discover, and learn more about the island’s past.


Embrace Adventure and Head Over to Big Cottonwood Canyon


Big Cottonwood Canyon is located just a short drive away from Salt Lake City, and when you book a car service provided by Ride ELT you can be sure you will go there in great style. Big Cottonwood Canyon is tucked away in the Wasatch Mountains, and the view that it provides is simply spectacular.    

Every way you look, you will be treated to something new, so don’t forget to bring your camera and take some pictures. You can go for a walk next to Big Cottonwood Creek, and escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. Whether you are coming here in summer or during winter, there is always something to see and do, and no matter what your preferences are, this magical destination will amaze you.  


Premium Ski Resorts for a Memorable Journey 


When talking about Salt Lake City and nearby areas, we cannot fail to mention that this region is home to some of the most popular ski resorts in the world. During colder months, fans of winter sports cannot wait to come here and get their skills tested at one of the first-class slopes. Even if you have never skied before, but you want to see what all the fuss is about, you will be glad to hear that there are terrains suitable for different skill levels. 

When you start planning your next luxury winter getaway, you can choose from numerous ski resorts where you can go, and using a ski transfers car service will ensure that the beginning of your next journey is as seamless as possible. Some of the most loved places where you can go are Park City, Alta, Snowbird, and  Deer Valley. Luckily they are all conveniently positioned near SLC, so even if you are coming here from out of state, all you have to do is opt for SLC airport transportation and get ready to have the time of your life.  

As you can see, Salt Lake City and its surroundings are truly exceptional, and you will enjoy every single minute you spend here. There are a wealth of opportunities to explore, so start making your plans as soon as possible. The great venture is waiting for you!


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