Great Salt Lake Tour: Tips for Planning

Without a doubt, among Utah’s most frequently mentioned tourist destinations is the Great Salt Lake. This lake, which is landlocked and has salty waters, is a part of the enormous ancient Lake Bonneville. Situated in the Western Hemisphere, it is the largest saltwater lake and the biggest waterway between the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean. Those who visit the lake can enjoy its rich wildlife and diverse ecology.


All four seasons are present on Great Salt Lake, so there is no wrong time to visit this natural beauty. Although summer attracts outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy hiking trails and lake activities, winter has its own charms. The Great Salt Lake typically doesn’t freeze in the winter due to its high salinity, but the number of visitors, as well as the bugs, drops. You will be able to see bird migration and winter residents like bald eagles and ducks by going there in the early winter. However, if you want to make the most of your visit, the best time is at the end of March or late summer to avoid biting gnats, or you may have to wear pants and long sleeves.


Things to Know Before Your Visit


An interesting fact is that the lake has a specific smell, so be prepared for that. It’s usually limited to the lakeshore, so once you’re in the water, you won’t smell it. The characteristic stench of many swampy and wetland areas is brought on by decomposing biomass, including brine fly pupae casings and algae, as well as organic reactions in saline waters.


The Great Salt Lake receives dissolved minerals from four rivers and multiple streams. Because the lake lacks a drain, these minerals are kept inside and concentrated by ongoing evaporation. Lots of companies in the state of Utah are taking chemicals and table salt out of the lake water.


The spotless white sand beaches of Antelope Island State Park are a popular place to swim and soak up the sun. With an average salinity of roughly 12%, the water is significantly saltier than the ocean. While not quite as salty as the famous Dead Sea, people can float easily in the water because of its high buoyancy. After swimming, there are freshwater showers available for washing down.


Regretfully, the Great Salt Lake is encountering troubles. The sad truth is that right now, the lake is at its lowest point ever. The entire ecosystem is under stress due to the retreating shoreline. For many living things and wildlife, including migratory birds that depend on the narrow strip of freshwater surrounding the lake’s eastern edge, the entire country is at risk of losing an important ecosystem if lake levels keep falling.


Choose Which Location to Visit


If you are planning to visit this lake, there are two state parks in Utah that are close to the Salt Lake Valley, providing an opportunity to get familiar with this rare lake. Visitors can enjoy the lake in different ways at Antelope Island State Park and Great Salt Lake State Park. Both parks are popular destinations for boating, swimming, hiking, year-round camping, and wildlife viewing, so the choice is up to you.


The option that is definitely the closest to Salt Lake City and most convenient for travelers is Great Salt Lake State Park. This park is a great place to get up close and personal with the Great Salt Lake without spending too much time traveling and to also get familiar with the history and beauty of this region. Situated just a short drive from Salt Lake City’s downtown, the park offers miles of picturesque lake views, wildlife, nature trails, and a visitor center.


Your second choice can be Antelope Island State Park, which is about an hour’s drive from Salt Lake. Utah’s largest state park, Antelope Island, spans more than 28,000 acres of land. It’s packed with activities, so if you’d like, you could easily make this a full-day outing. There are more choices for the typical visitor, even though this park is typically more expensive than Great Salt Lake State Park.


No matter what option you select, our knowledgeable team will take care that you arrive at Great Salt Lake without a problem. 


Discover Great Salt Lake With a Smile


Beginning your trip with total relaxation and stress relief is crucial, as it can significantly affect your overall travel experience. Since public transport is not operating on this route, the first thing you have to do when planning your trip to the lake is to arrange your ride. Therefore, scheduling private transportation is a great idea for a comfortable and enjoyable trip with friends and family, whether you’re planning a small or large group trip to the lake. Prepare to enjoy the ride as it takes you closer to this remarkable location while experienced drivers take care of your transportation needs.


A courteous and experienced chauffeur will be waiting to drive you away in style, whether you’re arriving at the airport or somewhere else. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar region, becoming stuck in traffic, or running late. While a professional driver ensures your safety at all times, you will enjoy the Great Salt Lake tour from the comfort of the back seat of a luxurious vehicle.


If you are coming with your friends or colleagues, we know that finding the right transportation can be difficult. To make sure you get to your destination without any problems, we have created an excellent Utah luxury van transportation service to the Great Salt Lake. You will get a tailored ride that accommodates the requirements of every passenger. If you are traveling from out of state to this part of the country, be sure to take advantage of the Salt Lake City airport car service so you can begin your journey with peace of mind.


Thus, reserve a private ride as soon as you pack for your trip to the Great Salt Lake and get ready to travel like royalty.

All you have to do is reserve a ride in advance, and we’ll strive to make your journey the most enjoyable yet!

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