Sip, Swirl, Explore! Discovering the Beauties of Utah’s Wine Trail Tour

Spring is right around the corner, and we can already picture the lovely smell rising from vineyards everywhere around us. We are all ready to pack our bags, get ourselves in the right mood, and hit the road. Still, there is just one thing we need to figure out. Where to go?

Even though the US is not as famous for its wine production as, for example, Italy and France, it is still a strong contender. There are several regions across the country, which are definitely worth exploring. They produce some world-class wines, and visiting them would be a dream come true for all fans of the nectar of the gods.

Utah is one of our favorite states we love to tour from time to time. It has a growing wine industry and we love seeing it becoming more and more better as years pass by. Therefore, in case you would love to treat your taste buds to some new sensation, and discover your new favorite wine, Utah is a place to be! You can expect to taste some luscious wines and enjoy the breathtaking view. And in all honesty, what more can we want?

Join us as we set off on an unforgettable tour through this picturesque wine country that is waiting to be delved into. You will be able to discover some young vineyards, savor the tasting of lovely grape elixir, and spend some quality time with people you love. 


Southern Utah Wine Trail 


Going to a real live wine trail is as exciting as it sounds. Just imagine hopping from one place to another with a glass full of divine vino. We are getting extremely ecstatic just thinking about it, and our taste sensors are slightly starting to scream from joy. That is why we truly believe that heading over to Utah Wine Trail would be a moment to remember forever. Traveling down this path is truly remarkable, and today we will tell you what you can expect to encounter along the way.

Utah wine trail is a series of five first-class wineries located in southern Utah, with each one offering something unique. This is truly a magical journey through some of the best-known places in this area, and the best part about it is that at each one you will be able not only to taste delicious juice but also to talk to people who own these places. So, you will be able to find out more about their history and discover more information about their products. You will have a truly customized odyssey, which not many other destinations can offer.

This makes the entire experience much more intimate and more thrilling. But, the very best part about this trail is that there is a sort of a competition element to it, shall we say it like that. In case you manage to visit all five locations, the award is waiting for you. At each place, you can get your Trail Pass punched, and once you collect all five, you will receive a gift. This makes this quest additionally interesting, and we are sure you will put more effort into managing to discover the beauties of each vinery. Surely, in order to do that, you may need the help of a professional, and we are talking about reliable transportation companies. Don’t let anything ruin your plans, book a ride in advance, and secure your arrival at every location! Get that award and have a memory that will last a lifetime!


Make I/G Winery Your First Stop 


If we have to pick the perfect first stop for this trail that would be the magnificent I/G Winery. It is home to some award-winning wines, so taking your first sip here would be a great idea. You can take pleasure in a charming tasting room, relax with your friends and family, and begin your wine expedition. 

In case you want to personalize your visit a bit more, you can take advantage of private vineyard tasting, and hear a word from professional sommeliers. This winery is one of the most unique businesses of Cedar City, which has been a source of joy for both residents and travelers on the hunt for a truly one-of-a-kind spot for more than a decade. You can explain to your tasting steward what you like or do not like when it comes to wine, and they will go above and beyond to recommend something that will suit you perfectly. Whether you love a white or a red wine, I/G Winery has got you covered!


Head Over to Water Canyon Winery 


The next place on the Utah wine trail tour is called Water Canyon Winery, and it is one of our all-time favorite places for savoring some delectable grape elixir. The view that surrounds you when coming here is just breathtaking, and if possible, we would go back to this mesmerizing location over and over again.

It is truly incredibly special, and stopping by here is a must! This is an all-natural winery, and none of their wines have additives in them, which surely we can all appreciate a lot. There is just 1% of winemakers that make the wine the way they do at Water Canyon Winery, which makes it even more distinctive and worth admiring.

The location of this place will leave you in awe, so get ready to be amazed. We love how the tasting room looks, but what we love even more is the outdoor space, which is pretty incredible. Of course, you would like to make each step of your trail exploration as seamless as possible, and Ride ELT can help you with that. When organizing this type of expedition it is crucial to have a designated driver by your side! We think we don’t even need to remind you that drinking and driving is never an option, so make sure to secure a skilled driver and luxury vehicle on time. This will help you go from one place to another in great style and comfort, and most importantly, it will provide you with peace of mind knowing that a professional is behind the wheel.


Zion Vineyards is Waiting for You 


When we say Zion, we are sure that the first thing that pops into people’s minds is the spectacular Zion National Park, one of the most beloved places in the area. Here, you can see some sandstone cliffs and natural arches which are unique to this region. 

But, there is much more to this territory than we may believe. It is home to alluring Zion Vineyards, which are yet another stop on the Utah wine trail tour. They are famous for their appetizing red wines, but there are also some yummy white ones you can opt for if that is more up your alley. So, come down here, enjoy a glass of wine, and discover why this location has earned its reputation as one of the best vineyards in this region. 

The tasting room is open for visitors, and it is extremely cozy and welcoming. So gather your group, and get ready to treat all of you to a truly unforgettable experience. Regardless of your preferences and likings, we are sure that here you will be able to find a wine made just for you! Just don’t forget to get your stamp once your tasting is over. You would like proof that this is yet another place you have visited and enjoyed. 


Chanela Vineyards Is Home to Fine Wines 


Moving forward to Chanela Vineyards, a true jewel of this region. This is not just another stage you need to complete. Coming here is a true privilege, and we are sure you will be utterly captivated by everything this vineyard has to offer. Not only that their wines taste heavenly, but you will have an opportunity to try them out in an extraordinary ambiance that will leave you speechless. 

You can indulge in some premium wines while savoring the natural beauties that are everywhere around you. All of their wines are made out of Utah grapes, which makes them distinctive. Here, you can taste how this area tastes, which is pretty amazing. Their vineyard is set in St. George, which is another stand-out feature. 

Numerous wines are waiting for you to try them out, so feel free to prepare your taste buds for something truly sensational. Make sure not to skip this place, since you can expect something truly unparalleled. Life is all about delighting in some special moments, and here, you can have a few of those. 


Make Your Grand Entrance to Bold & Delaney Winery 


Our final stop of the day is Bold & Delaney Winery, a destination that never fails to impress us. Coming here is something we recommend to all the wine fans out there. Don’t just be satisfied by buying a plain bottle of wine in a liquor store. Come to Bold & Delaney Winery and discover what this lovely juice is all about.

Thanks to its elevation, this vineyard is a perfect place to be planting grapes, which results in some mouthwatering wines. Here, 14 different varieties are being grown, so rest assured, that you will be able to taste something exclusive. Even if you, for some reason or another, don’t want to go to all 5 locations from the trail, we truly believe that you need to find time to explore this one. There is something very peculiar about it, and no matter how many times we have been here, we are always eager to come again and discover something new.


Get Ready to Travel Like Royalty and Don’t Forget to Enjoy Every Step of the Way!


Surely, you can make your own plan and decide which places you want to visit first, and which to leave for last. Regardless of your route, one thing’s for sure! You will have the time of your life, and indulge in some elite Utah wines.

One of the best things about this trail is that all vineyards are within a short drive from one another. But, as we have already mentioned, our final recommendation for today would be to always put your safety first and let an expert take care of all your transportation needs.

We are sure you would like to spend every step of the way in the utmost comfort and don’t think about navigating unknown and busy roads. There is nothing worse than wasting your precious time on transportation, and potentially, not being able to reach all 5 spots from the trail. And don’t forget! You want to win that award. 

Not to mention that organizing group outings can be very stressful, so why bother? Book a reliable car service ahead of time and get ready to travel like a royal. Thanks to carefully organized wine tours limo service you will be able to customize your journey and plan your itinerary in great detail. Nothing will stop you from seeing what makes this vineyard so special and trying out as much wine as you want. Rest assured you will be able to unwind in the back seat of a premium vehicle and save your energy on what matters. Not only will you feel secure along the way, you will be able to truly take delight in what surrounds you. The beauty of this state is very striking, so why not make the most out of it? Make sure to make your entire day significant, and start and finish it with the biggest smile on your face. A polite driver will make sure you arrive everywhere you need to be on time, as smoothly as possible. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your plans, and book a private ride today! Find out more about Utah Wine Trail and get ready to discover it in person. Trust us, exploring it is worth all the effort, and we cannot wait for you to find out why! 

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